Why go with Green Cleaning?

Right from the get go in 2004, The Cleaning Solution adopted a green cleaning program to better serve our clients. Simply put, green cleaning is a way to clean that protects human health without hurting the environment.

Traditional cleaning practices contributed to toxins finding their way into our water systems and released into the air causing negative impacts on human health such as aggravating allergies and triggering asthmatic attacks. Advances in industrial chemistry and development of new products like microfibre cloths enables restrooms to be sanitized without the use of harsh chemicals; workstations be cleaned by capturing and removing dust rather than sending it airborne, and floors to be maintained without the use of fossil fuels.

Benefits of a green cleaning program

Value Alignment: A growing awareness about the impact of the environment on human health means that employees and customers are demanding environmentally friendly practices more and more.


Health Impacts: Using environmentally friendly cleaning products certified by a third party is healthier for both cleaning staff and building occupants. Studies have shown that building occupants, visitors and janitorial staff can experience fewer incidents of skin, eye and respiratory irritation, fewer multiple chemical sensitivities, less severe allergies and decreased headaches and nausea when cleaning contractors use green cleaning products. Green cleaning helps to improve indoor air quality (IAQ). Many traditional cleaning products contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that when released into the air can negatively affect indoor air quality. The use of traditional cleaning products can also contribute to water pollution.


Safety: Using green products and practices, such as proper chemical storage, use and disposal, can lessen the likelihood of fires, spills and explosions. As the products used are much less dangerous, if there is a spill or other incident, there is less risk of someone getting hurt.


Green Buildings: Buildings seeking Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification need to demonstrate that the building is being cleaned with the environment and human health top of mind. This certification shows that the building’s owner has taken a role as an environmental leader and can market to those with similar values.