1. A Common Question About Mental Health

Q:  I like the sound of your business, but I don’t know much about mental illness. I’m a little uneasy at the thought of hiring people who have experienced it, or are still recovering from it. Should I be?

A:  No. Mental illness is far more common than many people realize – with one in five Canadians experiencing such a challenge at some point in their lives. The lingering stigma associated with mental illness is primarily due to negative stereotypes or lack of education – not by the behaviour of people recovering from mental illness themselves!

Every employee of The Cleaning Solution is screened for suitability and preparedness before being hired. They are dedicated and dependable. Each one is professionally trained and receives a standard background check for your security. Our cleaners have likely gone through a more rigorous screening than any other employee you’ve hired!

Data suggests that people who hire mental health consumers find it to be a very positive relationship. We are confident you’ll have the same experience.

More questions? Check out the Canadian Mental Health Association website


2. How much does it cost?

Like most service businesses, the biggest cost is labour. The cost for cleaning a site depends on how much time it takes to service the restrooms, remove garbage and clean the floors among other things. The Cleaning Solutions uses ISSA (International Sanitation and Supply Association) production rates to determine how long it takes to clean each site. Our hourly rates range from $19 to $26 per hour depending on the size of the site. These rates ensure that we can pay our employee a fair wage.


3. Do you service my area?

We have recently expanded our service area to cover all of Metro Vancouver. From our central location at Powell and Victoria, we are minutes away from downtown Vancouver, 15 minutes from our sites on the North Shore and Burnaby and within 30 minutes from our Tri-Cities, Surrey and Ladner clients.


4. Are a bunch of people going to clean my site?

Gang cleaning is when a group of 3 or 4 people pull up to a site, unpack equipment and supplies from the trunk and proceed to clean a site as quickly as possible. This is common practice in the industry.

The Cleaning Solution doesn’t gang clean. We assign one cleaner to a site (or a team at large sites) that are committed to cleaning your place. After a short while, our staff get to know their sites inside and out and become part of our clients’ extended family. We have employees that have been cleaning the same location for 5 or more years and love their jobs.

5. Do you bring your own cleaning stuff?

At the start of every contract, we work with our clients to find a suitable location in their site to securely store the janitorial equipment and supplies. Most of the time, we install a storage cabinet. This means that the equipment and supplies used to service your site are only used at your location and not at many other sites. The equipment is maintained regularly and on schedule. In keeping with our green philosophy, this approach to cleaning enables 90% of our staff to travel to and from work using public transit, walking or cycling.